About Us

Adarsa Services provides Information Technology (IT) professional services to commercial, not-for-profit and government organizations. Established in 2015 and based out of Maryland, we are passionate about enabling our partners to realize their potential and creating a better future together. We believe we can make the world a better place with technology and innovation.


We want to become a leading IT solutions provider by solving our customers’ most pressing issues and delivering continued results.


Adarsa Services is on a mission to improve healthcare and grow financial inclusion through technology and innovation.


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Sarah Ramnarine



Sarah Ramnarine is the Founder and brand strategist for Adarsa Services. She is passionate about leveraging technology to bring change and believes that all individuals should have access to affordable healthcare, financial services and basic life needs. Sarah is experienced in planning and implementation of enterprise solutions for U.S. healthcare systems. With aging parents and having to raise two children of her own, she understands the importance of being able to effectively access healthcare and the direct impact it can have on ones' wellbeing. Also, her experience building HealthCare.gov under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was one of the most important public service undertaking in her career, gave Sarah great insight and knowledge on the need to improve U.S. healthcare systems in order to provide better services for Americans and enable them to identify and access healthcare more efficiently.

Syed Tareq Husain

Principal Architect


As Principal Architect, Syed Husain is in a multi-faceted, agile and significantly dynamic role which is crucial in the process of planning and implementation of technology which enables digital transformations for his clients. He works closely with business leaders to develop business capability models and align them to IT architecture. He is a technology enthusiast with a passion for emerging technologies that drive business outcomes.